"objectification in the media may involve stationary capture (image) of a human that supports the illusion that they are an object without subjective significance"

- philosophy of the body



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Taking the first steps towards recognising dehumanisation in a retrospective society.

"strong sexual desire equates to our base animal (selfish) nature, and it may involve the portrayal of a human as an animal (such as the demonstration of common requirements)"

- philosophy of the body

"objectification in an act or media presentation may involve the representation of a human being in a state trying to cover themselves (eg tease), creating the illusion that someone does not care what they think (and it therefore does not matter what they think) and they are therefore an animal without subjective significance"

- philosophy of the body

"no human being on this earth most desires the kind of attention produced by their self objectification (irrespective of their desires)"

- philosophy of the body

Rehumanisation supports the end of objectification through reason - Subjectify | Philosophy of the Body | The Objectified | War on Objectification | War on Girls | The Aborted | Subjectification | Rehumanisation | Dehumanisation | Commodifiction.

Ultimately, it is the smallest things which count.

"encourages disrespect of human beings"

- philosophy of the body

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